About Jeremiah Caughron

Jeremiah Caughron photo

An accomplished building and construction professional, Jeremiah Caughron has served as sales manager for an Aire Serv franchise since 2011. His responsibilities in this position include developing pricing strategies, compiling and submitting daily and weekly reports, and coordinating with other members of management do develop a comprehensive business strategy that increases the bottom line. Since joining his current Aire Serv franchise, Jeremiah Caughron has helped it become the highest-grossing location in the United States. 

Jeremiah Caughron draws upon this experience in his concurrent position as the owner of a construction and property services firm. An active member of the field, he belongs to professional groups such as the Permian Basin Builders Association and frequently attends events related to the International Code Council and other inspection-related groups. He also maintains certification as a water, smoke, and fire restoration specialist.

A former high school football player, Jeremiah Caughron studied welding and agricultural science in high school before going on to attend real estate courses in college. Outside of his professional life, he pursues a diverse range of hobbies that includes watching films, hunting, and completing DIY projects. An avid photographer, he enjoys taking photographs of nature and wildlife as well as old buildings and rural roads.