Tips for First-TIme Nature Photographers

  Jeremiah Caughron serves as a sales manager at Aire Serv but also spends his free time on photography. His work in photography is often of nature scenes with a focus on capturing old buildings or rural roadways. Jeremiah Caughron has also taken photos of various wildlife including bobcats, elk, and deer.

Aspiring nature photographers have a couple of important things to consider before immersing in the hobby. Here are some tips for taking photos of nature:

1. Don’t forget the nature part of nature photography. Dressing according to the weather is very important when out and about. Have layers on hand, especially when in the mountains where weather conditions can change very quickly. A good pair of shoes is also a must.

2. The time of day can dictate what animals can be found. During dawn and dusk is when most animals can be seen. The golden hour, the first and last hours of sunlight each day, can also provide particularly vivid lighting for any photo.

3. Be patient and don’t forget to charge your camera. For longer excursions, it may also be worth bringing an extra battery for that perfect shot.

Author: jeremiahcaughron

An accomplished building and construction professional, Jeremiah Caughron has served as sales manager for an Aire Serv franchise since 2011. His responsibilities in this position include developing pricing strategies, compiling and submitting daily and weekly reports, and coordinating with other members of management do develop a comprehensive business strategy that increases the bottom line. Since joining his current Aire Serv franchise, Jeremiah Caughron has helped it become the highest-grossing location in the United States.

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