IICRC Certifications

  With almost ten years of experience as a sales manager, Jeremiah Caughron is the owner of Tayga Texas, LLC. Besides his work in real estate, Jeremiah Caughron participates in several associations related to his industry, including the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and Permian Basin Builders.

IICRC is a nonprofit with members in the cleaning and restoration industry. This global association counts over 60,000 active certified technicians and 6,000 certified firms in the US and internationally.

The organization provides 25 possible certifications for workers in the inspection, cleaning, and restoration industry who are interested in professional development and acquiring IICRC master designations. The three types of certifications are Inspection, Restoration, and Textile, and each has its prerequisites.

Some certifications are required for obtaining the available IICRC Master Designations, of which there are three – Master Textile Cleaner, Master Fire and Smoke Restorer, and Master Water Restorer.

Each course and certification has specific materials and in-person classes that take place over two to five days followed by the exam. After the exams’ completion, the certification is mailed about a month later.

After being certified by IICRC, continuing education classes are required to keep the certification current. Certificates require 14 hours of classes every four years, except for the master and inspector certifications, which require 14 hours every two years.

The general renewal process consists of paying IICRC annually to maintain the certification and participate in continuing education classes.

Author: jeremiahcaughron

An accomplished building and construction professional, Jeremiah Caughron has served as sales manager for an Aire Serv franchise since 2011. His responsibilities in this position include developing pricing strategies, compiling and submitting daily and weekly reports, and coordinating with other members of management do develop a comprehensive business strategy that increases the bottom line. Since joining his current Aire Serv franchise, Jeremiah Caughron has helped it become the highest-grossing location in the United States.

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