The IPC Backflow and Cross Connection Seminar

Jeremiah Caughron photo
Jeremiah Caughron

An experienced construction industry professional, Jeremiah Caughron owns and operates the commercial builder and property service organization, Tayga Texas. To inform his professional activities, Jeremiah Caughron regularly attends the industry events of the International Code Council (ICC).

A nonprofit association comprised of more than 64,000 members in 377 global chapters, the ICC develops structural codes and standards and spearheads a range of certification and training initiatives through its regular in-person and online events.

One of the most recent events presented by the ICC was the virtual seminar, Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Control Requirements which took place on September 9, 2019. The event introduced attendees to current IPC backflow requirements for safeguarding drinking water supply from potential contamination.

Briefly defined, backflow is the reversal of wastewater flow and other harmful substances into systems that distribute potable water. This involves one or more cross-connections: points of contact between drinking water supply and non-potable substances.

The International Plumbing Code (IPC) Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Control Requirements Seminar covered the basics of hydraulics and other key elements of cross connection control through a range of lectures and visual aids. It stressed the backflow requirements of the IPC regulation sections 608 and 312.10.

Author: jeremiahcaughron

An accomplished building and construction professional, Jeremiah Caughron has served as sales manager for an Aire Serv franchise since 2011. His responsibilities in this position include developing pricing strategies, compiling and submitting daily and weekly reports, and coordinating with other members of management do develop a comprehensive business strategy that increases the bottom line. Since joining his current Aire Serv franchise, Jeremiah Caughron has helped it become the highest-grossing location in the United States.

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